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ELEMENTAL: the beginning or foundation of a science or art, a term which refers to the four traditional elements of matter and, by extension, to diversity within unity.


ELEMENTAL Project was born as an initiative of Odalys Foundation in order to generate an insertion mechanism of emerging artists in the art world through the participation in biennales, art fairs and collective and individual exhibitions allowing the development of a self-sustaining artists residency program. This artists residency program will enable creators to have not only the technical means to carry out their projects, but also will fuel their creative process by coexisting and sharing experiences with artists from other countries in a different context and under different conditions that will favor the generation of new ideas.

ELEMENTAL includes in the beginning 4 collective exhibitions and 8 solo exhibitions of some of the artists involved in the project. Then, a group of artworks from these exhibitions will be selected to be include in an art fairs program to be held annually in different countries. Also the participation of some artists will be included in recognized art biennials. Importantly, this stage is the initial development phase of the project, which is then consolidated with the residency program for artists.

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