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Erik Mátrai was born in Miskolc (Hungary) 1977. Begins his studies in 1998 at the Art University of Budapest (Hungary), in 2004 with the Erasmus grant he studies painting and multimedia at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). The same year he graduates at the academy in Budapest. Between 2009 and 2012 makes a doctorate at the Art University of Budapest.

In 2006 he receives the Derkovits grant, then in 2008 wins the March Youth award in Hungary. In 2009 he is granted a residence at the Hungarian Academy in Rome (Italy).

He takes part in 2011 in the art in residency program in Frankfurt (Germany), then in 2013 at the VARP residency in New York (USA) in which he receives the Eötvös grant from the Hungarian state.

Under the most important exhibitions are “Strange Situations” (2014) at the Art9 gallery and “Porticus 02” (2013) in the Parthenon-friz, both in Budapest (Hungary). He exhibits in Chiesa di San Lio “Gömb” (2013) in Venice (Italy). Exhibits twice at the Contemporary Art Museum of Budapest (Hungary) with “Táj” (2013) and “What is Hungarian?” (2012). “Porticus” (2012) at the Acb Gallery in Budapest (Hungary). Atelier Frankfurt (Germany) with the residency in 2011.

Erik Mátrai
Hungary. 1977

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